​Osclass Submitter Post Your Up To 500 Ads Per Day on 17 Different Sites On Autopilot

Tired on Manually Posting Classified Ads? Osclass Submitter Will Post Unlimited Campaigns to 500 US Cities Per Day on 17 Different High Traffic Classified Ad Sites With Just A Few Clicks!

​​Here Are The Features of Osclass Submitter:

  • Posts up to 500 Ads Per Days
  • Posts Ads on 17 Different High Traffic Classified Ad Sites Automatically
  • ​Post Ads to All US States and Most Major and Medium Sized Cities
  • Ads Stay Live 90 Days!
  • Use Html to Create Beautiful Clickable Ads
  • All Sites are Live Active Sites With 1000's of ads Being Posted
  • Embed Your YouTube Videos
  • ​Include Your Facebook Link
  • Software Saves Unlimited Campaigns. No Need to Re-Type The Campaigns Into The Software
  • Rotate Campaigns on All 10 Sites Automatically With a Click of a Button
  • Uploads up to 3 Different Pictures Per Ad
  • Include a Link to Your Website Even on Text Only Ads and It Will Be Hyperlinked With A Call to Action
  • Include a Link to Your Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Link Automatically in All Ads Posted. 
  • Does Not Use Captchas! Once You Pay For The Software The Ad Posting is 100% Free!
  • ​Automatically Registers Your Accounts on All The Sites
  • ​Automatically Confirms Your Accounts on All Sites
  • Use Spintax in Your Titles and Descriptions to Vary Your Titles and Descriptions

​Osclass Submitter automatically submits your ads on 10 different classified ad sites. Here is a list of the sites.  All ads stay live 90 days and you can use html to create beautiful clickable ads.

You can also upload up to 3 pictures per ad.

You can save your campaign profiles which means you do not have to re-type them in every time you use the software.

​Osclass Submitter Saves Campaign Profiles Allowing You to Promote Unlimited Programs At Once

​You can even rotate campaigns with a click of a button. This will allow you to post all your campaigns on all the 10 different sites.

So if you had 10 campaigns and you posted 500 ads in a day that means that you would be able to post 50 ads of each campaign on all 10 sites in one day.

The software posts to random cities and sites on every submission giving you the maximum exposure.

Step 1. Osclass Submitter Registers Your Accounts on All The Sites

​Input your username and password into tab 1 on the software and Osclass Submitter will automatically register your accounts on all the sites for you.

Keep in mind: the scanners want to be convinced just as much as the readers do, they are just looking for information in a different way.

Step 2. Osclass Submitter ​Confirms Your Accounts

Enter your text here...

​In step 2 input your email your password, the incoming mail server (pop.gmail.com for gmail) and incoming port (995) for gmail and Osclass Submitter will confirm all your accounts for you automatically.

​Step 3 Submit Your Ads

​In step 3. You input your title, description (html or text, spintax accepted), keywords, YouTube video (Optional),  Your website link, choose your category and click run, the number of ads you want to submit this session (500 max), and click run. The software will start to submit your ads automatically to 500 US cities.

​Check "​Check To Alternate Projects Automatically When Posting" and the software will rotate your programs as you submit ads. This will allow you to promote multiple programs and websites all at once over all 10 high traffic classified ad sites.

​Benefits of Using Osclass Submitter

  • 1
    Submits Your Ad to 17 Different High Traffic Sites At Once
  • 2
    Get Real Targeted Traffic to Your Websites
  • 3
    Embed Your YouTube Videos Getting More Views to Your Videos
  • 4
    Promote Unlimited Programs on 17 Different Sites Automatically
  • 5
    ​Ability to Save Your Ad Campaigns So That You Do Not Have to Type Them in Every Time You Use The Software
  • 6
    Create Beautiful Clickable Html Ads
  • 7
    Automatically Creates Clickable Link With Your Website Even Without Using Html
  • 8
    Alternate Titles and Descriptions Using Spintax
  • 9
    Ads Stay Live 90 Days
  • 10
    Get Massive Backlinks to Your Website
  • 11
    Improve Your SEO
  • 12
    Get More Opt Ins
  • 13
    Automatic Account Creation
  • 14
    Automatic Account Confirmation
  • 15
    No Need for Captchas! Just Pay One Time for The Software And All Traffic is Free After That
  • 16
    No Recurring Fees Whatsoever! One Time Payment for Software
  • 17
    Promote Your Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Link in All Ads Automatically (Optional)
  • 18
    Promote Your Facebook Page on All Sites Automatically (Optional)
  • Step 1 Order Osclass Submitter
  • ​Step 2 Software is Sent to Your Billing Email
  • Step 3: Download and Install Software

​Any problems receiving your order after paying please contact us here with your name and billing email.

Osclass Submitter Just $97.97 One Time Free

​Order below and you will be sent the download link immediately after purchase to your billing email.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Pros List

  • ​Free Advertising Forever! Pay once and advertise forever with no charges.
  • ​Advertise unlimited programs.
  • Advertise on 17 different sites in just a few clicks.
  • ​Get more views to your YouTube videos
  • ​Get targeted traffic to all your websites!

​Life Without Osclass Submitter

  • ​Waste hours of time manually posting ads!
  • ​Spend a fortune in captcha solving service even if you can find software to submit your ads.
  • ​Low or no traffic to your website
  • ​Pay for expensive advertising like Google and Facebook.
  • ​Pay for advertising for each campaign you run.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. ​We offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee on all our software. If for any reason you are unhappy just email us and we will give you a prompt refund.

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