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Warning! For serious committed marketers only!

Create A Non Stop Ad Promotion Machine With 5 Automatic Ad Submitters!

Are you ready to start seriously marketing your business? Here is what we propose to help you kickstart your marketing efforts:

1. Osclass Submitter

  • Post Up to 1000 Ads Per Day
  • Unlimited Campaigns. Promote Multiple Programs!
  • Posts Ads on 26 Different High Traffic Classified Ad Sites Automatically
  • Post Ads to All US States and Most Major and Medium Sized Cities + 9 Other Countries
  • Ads Stay Live 90 Days!
  • Use Html to Create Beautiful Clickable Ads
  • All Sites are Live Active Sites With 1000's of ads Being Posted
  • Embed Your YouTube Videos
  • Include Your Facebook Link
  • Software Saves Unlimited Campaigns. No Need to Re-Type The Campaigns Into The Software
  • Embed Your YouTube Videos
  • Include Your Facebook Link
  • Software Saves Unlimited Campaigns. No Need to Re-Type The Campaigns Into The Software
  • Rotate Campaigns on All 26 Sites Automatically With a Click of a Button
  • Uploads  1 Picture Per Ad
  • Include a Link to Your Website Even on Text Only Ads and It Will Be Hyperlinked With A Call to Action
  • Include a Link to Your Affiliate Link Automatically in All Ads Posted.
  •  Does Not Use Captchas! Once You Pay For The Software The Ad Posting is 100% Free!
  • Automatically Registers Your Accounts on All The Sites
  • Use Spintax in Your Titles and Descriptions to Vary Your Titles and Descriptions

2. TheFreeAdForum Pro Submitter is one of the busiest, highest traffic classified ad websites online. They boast close to 500,000 members! TheFreeAdForum Pro Submitter will submit up to 500 ads per day on this super high traffic website.

Here are some of the features of TheFreeAdForumProSubmitter:

  • Submit Your Ad to Any Category (Free Version Only Submits to Jobs/Business Opportunity Section)
  • Submit Up to 500 Ads Per Submission Session 
  • Promote Unlimited Ad Campaigns
  • Saves Your Ad Campaigns So You Never Have to Waste Time Typing Them in Again
  • Promote All Your Campaigns At Once By Clicking A Checkbox Which Rotates Your Campaign Every Submission!
  • Submits Your Ads Quickly Upload Up to 3 Photos With Each Ad
  •  Automatically Uploads Your YouTube Video With Each Ad (Free Version Does Not Allow Video Uploads)
  • Posts Your Ads on Autopilot to All Cities in All Countries (USA, Canada,UK, Ireland,Caribbean, Australia, India, New Zealand,and South Africa.
  • Use spintax to rotate unlimited titles
  • Include custom keywords in your ads.
  • Add your website as a clickable call to action link in your ad.
  • Easy to use set and forget software. Automatic submissions.
  • No Ghosting of Ads!
  • No Terms of Service Issues Because We Not Only Made the Software But We Own The Site As Well!
  • By Far The Easiest to Use and Most Hassle Free Software We Have Created

3. ClassAdsCom Easy Submitter In The 

Classifiedads dot com is one of the highest traffic classified ad sites in the world.  Our software will post your ads on autopilot to every single city on Classified ads dot com. We are talking about every major city in the US and major English speaking international cities. ClassAdsCom Submitter will submit your ad to over 500 cities on one of the highest traffic websites in the world?

  • Ability to post to 500 major US cities with just a few clicks!
  • Ability To Post To 500 Major Us Cities With Just A Few Clicks!
  • Use Full Html In Your Ads To Make Beautiful Clickable Ads!
  • Ability to Spin Different Ads, Emails and Titles
  • Works with Captcha Services to Automatically Solve Captchas

4. Omni Reply

Omni Reply Replies to up to  500 Ads Per Day Getting Your Ad Directly In Front of Buyers Every Time!

It is great to post classified ads on high traffic classified ad sites, however it is easy for your ad to get lost among the hundreds of ads posted every day.

However, if you reply to ads with your message your message will get real eye balls almost every time you send your message.

The reason is simple. Advertisers are carefully monitoring their inboxes for replies to their ads. You are sending your message directly to where they will see it. Your message is not getting lost among hundreds of similar ads.

OmniReply is Direct and Fast. Your Message is Instantly Sent to Your Prospect's Most Monitored Inbox

Reply to ads on a high traffic classified ad website.

Get real eyeballs on your messages every time!

Get consistent almost free traffic for months to come!

5.Ad Reply 3.0

Ad Reply 3.0 is our newest reply software.  Reply to up to  1000 Ads Per Day. This get your message directly in front of active business opportunity seekers!

Here are the prices for each software if purchased individually:

  • Osclass Submitter: $97.
  • TheFreeAdForum Pro Submitter: $97
  • ClassAdsCom Easy Submitter: $47.
  • Omni Reply: $47.
  • Ad Reply 3.0 : $97.

Total cost if you purchased all software individually: $385.

In order to take advantage of this offer we require that you get a remote windows vps for the first month.

A Windows VPS is simply a Windows computer hosted elsewhere. Learn more here. You can order one here.

The advantages are:

1. You can set up your campaign remotely, then click off, and the software will run on autopilot posting your ads.

2. This frees up your main computer to do your important work. You will not constantly have Chrome popping up posting ads on your main computer.

3. No issues with false positives from anti-virus software blocking the software.

4. We will install the software on your vps for you. Just contact us with your vps log in details which will be sent to you 24 hours after you order. We will then set up the software.

5. Support. We will be able to log onto your vps 24/7 and fix any issues ASAP. We must be ON YOUR MACHINE to troubleshoot any issues. 

We can only offer limited support if you are running the software on your home computer.

After you order the vps you will receive an email within 24 hours with the ip, username and password for the vps.

 Open a ticket here and we will set up the software for you if you wish.

Note: you will need Chrome browser installed and Windows 8.1 or later. MAC users can use a Windows VPS 
see here for more details.

Now for a limited time only you can get all 5 software for just $297. One Time Payment!

This software requires Windows 8.1 or later to run and Chrome browser installed. We recommend using a remote windows vps server to run this software. This will allow you to run the software even from a MAC. See here to learn more.

1. Order the software above

2. Order the Windows VPS.

3. Download the software from the members area here. And install it on the vps or have us install it for you.

You should be able to log into your account here and download the software from the members area within a few minutes of ordering if not instantly. If you have any issues downloading the software after you order contact us here.

Keep in mind this is not a recurring payment. This is a one off payment of $297. and you get immediate access to ALL 5 software!

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. However, if you purchase and do not get the Windows VPS we do not offer the money back guarantee. Many of the software have free trials. We encourage you to download the free trials to familiarize yourself with the software before ordering.

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