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1. The Free Ad Forum Biz Opp Submitter

TheFreeAdForum Free Submitter which will submit your ad to 50 random cities on in the Jobs/Business Opportunity is ranked in the top 40,000 websites in the world and gets thousands of visitors each month.

​Here are some features of The Free Ad Forum Biz Opp Submitter:

    • Use spintax to rotate unlimited titles
      • ​Ability to use either html or text in your ad descriptions.
        • ​Ability to use either html or text in your ad descriptions.
          • ​Add Your YouTube videos to your ads.
          • Add a custom picture to your ads.
          • Include custom keywords in your ads.
            • ​Add your website as a clickable call to action link in your ad.
              • ​Easy to use set and forget software. Automatic submissions.
                • No need for captcha services for submissions except just one time at log in.

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2. Free Global Classified Ad Submitter

Free Global Classified Ad Submitter is software which will submit unlimited ads to unlimited cities on autopilot on the classified ad site.

Here are some features of the Free Global Classified Ad Submitter:

    • Submit Your Ad to Any Category
    • ​Submit Up to 500 Ads Per Submission Session
    • ​Submits Your Ads Quickly
    • ​Upload Up to 7 Photos With Each Ad
    • ​Automatically Uploads Your YouTube Video With Each Ad
    • ​Posts Your Ads on Autopilot in 500 US Cities on
    • ​Use spintax to rotate unlimited titles
    • ​Use spintax to rotate unlimited descriptions
    • ​Ability to use either html or text in your ad descriptions.
    • ​Include custom keywords in your ads.
    • Add your website as a clickable call to action link in your ad.
    • Easy to use set and forget software. Automatic submissions.
    • No need for captcha services.
    • No Need for Proxies!
    • No Ghosting of Ads!
    • No Terms of Service Issues.
    • Very Easy to Use and Hassle Free Software

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Viral Spy

This incredibly clever software will analyze your top competitor's websites when and tell you which pages or articles are the most shared on social media.

Then you can create your own viral articles, videos and posts on those very subjects and snatch up all yourcompetitor's traffic. Fully operational pro software.

  • Input your competitor's Website Url
  • Click search.
  • Find the most popular pages and articles on their website
  • Create similar content on your site and get massive search engine traffic!

Value $67. Free for you today!

Most Viral

Type in your keywords and see which articles or blog posts have the most Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, Linkedin shares, and Google Plus'dpages.

Then create your own articles and videos on these subject and snipe u pall the social media traffic.

  • Type in your basic keywords
  • Click search.
  • Find the most shared pages in your niche
  • Create content around those keywords
  • Get massive traffic to your website!

Value $67. Free for you today!

YouTube Keyword Tool

Do you want your YouTube videos to become viral? Well this amazing full version pro marketing tool will search YouTube for keywords related to your niche and give you a list of the hottest keywords for your niche!

Put these keywords in your videos and everbody looking for your niche will start to find your videos.YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube videos can get youright on the first page of Google if you havethe right keywords.

  • Input your keywords
  • Click start generating keywords
  • Collect 1000's of targeted keywords that your competitors are using to rank their videos on YouTube
  • Put these keywords into your videos and get massive traffic from YouTube!

Value $127. Free for you today!

Easy YouTube Traffic

How would you like your link in the description of the most popular videos on YouTube in your niche? Did you know there are thousands of high traffic viral videos in your niche without any links in the description or monetization.

Some people just recorded a video on their phone and it went crazy viral.They did it just for fun and have no idea about monetizing the traffic they are getting.

This software finds those videos!Just contact the owners of these videosand ask them to put your link in their description.

Offer them a payment. Joint venture or whatever incentive you want.The potential here is insane!Value? $1000's of dollars of free trafficis available with this incredible pro marketing tool. Let's says easy $197. Your FREE! Just join our free newsletter below.

This full pro version software will post your message on your Facebook groups automatically saving you hours of time.

  • Input Your Keywords and Criteria
  • Click start search.
  • Find super popular YouTube videos without monetization or links
  • Send a message to the owner asking to put your link in his description
  • Get massive quality traffic from YouTube on popular videos!

Value $197. Free for you today!


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