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OmniReply Gets Your Message in Front of Real Prospects Every Time Because Uses a Powerful Reverse Advertising Strategy

It is great to post classified ads on high traffic classified ad sites, however it is easy for your ad to get lost among the hundreds of ads posted every day.

However, if you reply to ads with your message your message will get real eye balls almost every time you send your message.

The reason is simple. Advertisers are carefully monitoring their inboxes for replies to their ads. You are sending your message directly to where they will see it. Your message is not getting lost among hundreds of similar ads.

OmniReply Gets Real Views to Your Message Because You Are Replying to ads Not Posting Them.  

OmniReply will first search for 100's of ads in your chosen category on 3 classified ads sites then respond automatically with your message to the targeted classified ads.

OmniReply is a dream come true for those selling advertising services! What better prospects are there for advertising than those who are already spending money on advertising right now?

Everybody is looking for ways to get more traffic to their website. 

OmniReply is a Dream Come True for Those Selling Advertising Services.  

OmniReply Gets Your Message Right in Front of Hot Prospects!

With OmniReply reverse advertising software you can go ,for example, to the Jobs or Services section of the classified ad site, collect hundreds ads of people promoting their business.

Then you can send them all a message directly to their inbox on how they can use your services to get even more traffic to their business opportunity

With OmniReply you can send your message directly to those who are most likely to be interested rather than waiting around for somebody to see your own classified ad.

OmniReply is Direct and Fast. Your Message is Instantly Sent to Your Prospect's Most Monitored Inbox

Reply to ads on a high traffic classified ad site.

Get real eyeballs on your messages every time!

Get consistent almost free traffic for months to come!

  • Look for joint ventures with others in your niche.
  • Build your newsletter by offering a free ebook or software.
  • Ask people to join your Facebook page or Group.
  • Build social media engagement.
  • Get more traffic to your website or landing page.
  • Tell the world your story.

OmniReply Responds to Ads on a High Traffic Classified Ad Site

Reverse advertising is extremely effective, maybe too effective sometime. People will see your messages for sure. However, if you just are courteous and use a simple two part approach you will have better long term results.

By taking this longer term approach you will be able to use the software effectively and get quality traffic for months to come!

Be Careful This Software is Powerful! People Will See Your Messages!!

You can use this software wisely or you can use it to turn people off. Real people will definitely see your messages because they are waiting for replies to their ads.

If I called 500 people with a pushy sales pitch what do you think the reaction will be? Most likely negative right?

However, if I called people giving away a quality list of free advertising resources the reception might be a little bit warmer don't you think?

A Software Two Part Approach is Probably Best When Using This Software

We suggest using a two part approach when using this software. You might just go ahead and ask people if you could send them some info on whatever it is you are promoting.

Better yet ask permission to send them a list of free advertising resources or free software to help them get more exposure for their ads. Think  about what will help them not what you want to sell.

Then once you have established a relationship with them share your program.

Here is How You Use OmniReply:

  • 1
    Find ads from the first site. Just choose the category you want to collect ads from then click run. The software will then find ads from the category of your choice and save them.
  • 2
    Reply to the ads you just found. Just fill in your reply message and click run. The software will then automatically reply to the ads you just scraped.
  • 3
    Just rinse and repeat That it is!

Proof OmniReply Reverse Advertising Works

(OmniReply is the upgraded version of Global Ad Reply)

““I used The Ad Reply Software and it works! That's how I've got 228 signups!"

- US and Canadian Free Classified Ads

          Here are some features of OmniReply:

  • Submits 150+ Ad Replies Per Session (Run Unlimited Sessions)
  • Submits Your Replies Quickly
  • Ability to Use Spintax in Your Reply Messages (Rotate Unlimited Ads)
  • No Need for Captcha Services
  • Your Replies (Messsages) Sent Directly To Inbox of Advertisers Not to Junk Folder
  • More Effective Than Posting Classified Ads (People See Your Message)
  • Pay a Small One Time Fee and Get Almost Free Traffic Forever
  • No Ghosting of Ads!
  • People See Your Message  

Reverse Advertising is Even More Effective Than Posting Classified Ads!

A lot of times there are simply too many people saying basically the same thing and viewers become "ad blind. Reverse advertising is just the opposite.

You will be sending your message directly to their most monitored inbox. Your message will absolutely be seen! Be careful and think about your message!

This is a very powerful tool.  Like we mentioned make sure your offer is targeted and HELPS THEM!


With Most Advertising The Traffic Stops When You Stop Paying. With OmniReply You Pay Once and Get Traffic Forever.

With most advertising you pay then once you stop paying the traffic stops. Not with the OmniReply Reverse Advertising Software!

Once you pay for the software you will have a lifetime license including all upgrades and can use it for months and years to come!

You do not even have to pay for any captcha services.

We Were Really Hesitant to Release This Software Because it is So Powerful. However,We Have Decided to Release it For A Limited Time Only.

In Order to Run This Software We Require A Windows VPS for The First Month

A Windows VPS is simply a Windows computer hosted elsewhere. Learn more here. You can order one here.

Here Are The Advantages to You:

1. You can set up your campaign remotely, then click off, and the software will run on autopilot posting your ads.

2. This frees up your main computer to do your important work. You will not constantly have Chrome popping up posting ads on your main computer.

3. No issues with false positives from anti-virus software blocking the software.

4. We will install the software on your vps for you.  Just contact us with your vps log in details which will be sent to you 24 hours after you order. We will then set up the software.

5. Support. We will be able to log onto your vps 24/7 and fix any issues ASAP. We must be ON YOUR MACHINE to troubleshoot any issues. We can only offer limited support if you are running the software on your home computer.

After you order the vps you will receive an email within 24 hours with the ip, username and password for the vpsOpen a ticket here and we will set up the software for you if you wish.

Note: When you order the vps make a note that you wish to have Chrome browser installed.

Download Instantly Just $47.97 One Time Payment! Free Updates For 1 Year.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


You will be able to log into the members area here and download the software immediately after purchase. You will also receive an email confirmation your purchase.

We may be raising the price back up to the normal price of $67.97. We can only guarantee this low price of $47.97 as of today.

All software at comes with a30 day money back guarantee. However, if you do not get the Windows VPS and allow us access then we do not provide refunds.

Is OmniReply For You?

With OmniReply

  • Save hours of your precious time letting our software reply to ads on autopilot.
  • Have your message go directly to your prospect's most monitored inbox
  • Get immediate results. Prospects see your ad immediately!
  • Promote different programs every day. Promote Your Squeeze Pages, YouTube Channel and Social Media Channels. Whatever You Want!
  • Improve SEO of Your Website With More Real Traffic

Without OmniReply

  • Waste countless hours manually responding to ads.
  • Waste time on questionable advertising techniques where you are never even sure if real people see your ad.
  • Keep paying over and over for expensive advertising methods. Wait days or months for people to find your website on their own.
  • Miss out on one of the most effective direct advertising methods while your competition gets ahead.

Here's a "What You Get" Section (Plus the Second Call to Purchase)

  • Submits Up to 150+ Ad Replies Per Session (Run Unlimited Sessions)
  • Your Replies (Messsages) Sent Directly To Inbox of Advertisers Not to Junk Folder.
  • Pay a Small One Time Fee and Get Almost Free Traffic Forever
  • No Ghosting of Ads!
  • Super High Quality Traffic.
  • People See Your Message

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Order risk free and in confidence. We offer a 100% 30 Day  Money Back Guarantee. Try our software for 30 days. If for any reason you are dissatisfied we will give you a 100% refund! However, we do not provide refunds if you do not get the Windows VPS and grant us access.

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P.S. So now you can see all the benefits of owning Omni Reply Reverse Advertising Software. See here to get started now. You can start getting free traffic within hours! Right now the price is $47.97 and may go up at any time.

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