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Please note anti virus software companies mass block software from smaller publishers. Here are the instructions for white listing our software:

The best way to run all our software is to get your own remote windows vps. They are cheap and allow you to run any windows software 24/7 without using your home computer's resources whether you are on a MAC or PC. Also there are no issues with Anti Virus software blocking your installations.

In addition if you get a windows vps from this link ($10 plan is fine) and send us your log in details here we will set up your software for you on the windows vps. No tech hassles, no anti virus hassles and you can run your software 24/7 from anywhere.  See here to learn more.

Free Classified Ad Posting Software- Below are 11 different software that will mass post your classified ad for free on various sites. Each one posts to a different site.

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 Various SEO and Marketing Software Downloads

​Please note if you use Expired Tumblr extensively your ip can get blocked. You then might need to use proxies. You can get proxies here.

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Windows VPS- You can run any of these software on most windows machines, however, if you have a MAC, XP or you simply do not want to overload your working computer with lots of software we suggest getting a windows VPS. You can learn more about windows VPS here. You can get one here.

Proxies- With some of this software you can use proxies. Do not waste your time with free proxies. They hardly ever work. We suggest private not shared proxies. You can get them here.

Landing Page/Sales Page Creator- Do you want to make landing pages and sales pages like this with ease. This site was built with Thrive Architect. See here to learn more.


Note you may need to turn off your anti virus temporarily to download this software. This is custom programmed software by independent programmers. Often anti virus companies mass block downloads from smaller publishers even though there are no issues with the software.

You also will need the latest version of .Net Framework from Windows if you do not have it already. See here to download.​

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