Powerful Yet Simple Software Automatically Replies to 1000's of Classified Ads Putting Your Message Directly in Front of Targeted Prospects Every Time!

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Your Message Gets Seen Every Time Because Global Ad Reply Responds to Ads Via Contact Forms Which Advertisers Monitor Very Closely

Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser will automatically reply to hundreds of ads on one of the world's busiest classified ad sites with your custom message!

Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser will search for hundreds of ads in any category and then respond automatically with your message to the targeted classified ads.

This software is a dream come true for those selling advertising services. What are people who post classified ads looking for? More exposure for their ads of course.

If you can send advertisers information on how to get more exposure for their ads you bet they will more than likely be interested!

Say you are selling advertising services for business opportunities. Sure you can go ahead and post a classified ad unders "Services" "Advertising" and wait for people to see your ad and hope for the best.

But with Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser you can go to the Business Opportunity section of the classified ad site, collect 300 ads of people promoting business opportunities.

Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser is a Dream Come True For Those Selling Advertising Services

Then you can send them all a message directly to their inbox on how they can use your services to get even more traffic to their business opportunity.

With Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser you can send your message directly to those who are most likely to be interested rather than waiting around for somebody to see your own classified ad.

With Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser You Can Send Your Message Directly To Those Who Are Most Likely To Be Interested, Rather Than Waiting Around for Someone To See Your Classified Ad.

Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser Delivers Real Targeted Traffic Specifically Interested in Your Offer Every Time!

Here Are Other Creative Ways to Use Global Ad Reply Software

  • Look for joint ventures with others in your niche.
  • Build your newsletter by offering a free ebook or software.
  • Ask people to join your Facebook page or Group.
  • Get more views to your YouTube videos.
  • Build social media engagement.
  • Get more traffic to your website or landing page.
  • Tell the world your story.

Be Careful This Software is Powerful! People Will See Your Messages!!

You can use this software wisely or you can use it to turn people off. People will definitely see your messages because they are waiting for replies to their ads.

If I called 500 people with a pushy sales pitch what do you think the reaction will be? Most likely negative right?

However, if I called people giving away a $100 Amazon gift certificate the reception might be a little bit warmer don't you think?

Think Before You Blast Off Your Message. Are You Sending An Offer That Most Likely Be of Interest to The Recipient?

We suggest a soft approach. Offer a free ebook, software, list of advertising resources, joint venture proposal etc.

Be creative and think how you can help them do not just try to sell them something.

The only reason I am warning you is that Global Ad Reply Submitter is powerful software and people are really going to see your replies so make sure they are targeted to your audience.

Here is How You Use Global Ad Reply Submitter:


  1.  First you choose the category of the ads you want to send your replies to. Then Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser will collect up to 300 of these ads. You can choose virtually any category.Click here to see a list of categories you can target.
  2. Then Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertiser will send your message to the advertisers from the reply button on their ad.
  3. Your message (reply) is sent directly to the advertiser's inbox.

Proof Global Ad Reply Submitter Works

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Just a note. I got another sale from this. A video promotion client for $97. per month! You can put your phone number in the phone field and people can call you. If you have a great offer and are willing to talk to people (most people are not) this can be a great way to beat your competition because most people do not want to talk to their customers. This is working if you work it!"



“I used Global Ads Reply and it works! That's how I've got 228 signups!"

- Trafficplanet.org US and Canadian Free Classified Ads
John Doe UI/UX Designer

You Can Target Any Category.The Possibilities Are Limitless!


Appliance Repair Service
Photography & Video services
Automotive Services
Advertising Services
Business Services
Career Services
Child & Elderly Care Services
Cleaning Services
Financial Services
Health & Beauty Services
Home Improvement
Horoscopes - Tarot
Lawn & Garden services
Legal Services
Moving & Storage services
Pet Services
Real Estate Services
Travel, Vacations & Holidays
Tuition & Lessons
Other Services

For Sale

Apparel for Sale
Books & Magazines
Collectibles & Antiques for Sale
Computer Hardware
Electronics for Sale
Health & Beauty
Hobbies & Leisure
Home & Garden
Industrial - Business
Jewelry for sale
Musical Instruments
Office Equipment & Supplies
Software for Sale
Sports & Outdoors
Toys, Games & Models for Sale
Video Games - Consoles
Other items for sale

Business Opportunities

Agents, Dealers Wanted
Businesses For Sale
Distributors Wanted
Work At Home
E Books
Financial Service
Home Based Business
Real Estate
Turnkey Websites
Web Promotion
Web Traffic
Affiliate Marketing
Start Your Own Biz


Accounting & Finance Administrative
Architecture & Design
Arts, Entertainment & Media
Civil Service & Public Policy
Education, Training & Library
Engineering & Product Development
Facilities & Maintenance
General Labor
Hospitality, Tourism & Travel
Law Enforcement & Security
Non-Profit & Fundraising
Quality Assurance & Control
Real Estate
Research & Development
Restaurant & Food Service
Plus Many More Categories. See Here For Full List.

The problem with posting classified ads is that often your ad gets lost amongst the hundreds or even thousands of others ads on the classified ad site.

Reverse Advertising is Even More Effective Than Posting Classified Ads!

A lot of times there are simply too many people saying basically the same thing and viewers become "ad blind.

Reverse advertising is just the opposite. People who post ads are eagerly waiting for replies. You will be sending your message directly to their most monitored inbox. Your message absolutely will be seen!

Be careful and think about your message! This is a very powerful tool. LIke we mentionned make sure your offer is targeted and HELPS THEM!


  • Submits Up to 300 Ad Replies Per Session (Run Unlimited Sessions)
  • Submits Your Replies Quickly
  • Ability to Use Spintax in Your Reply Messages (Rotate Unlimited Ads)
  • ​Include Your Website Link in Your Replies
  • ​Works With Captcha Services to Solve Captchas Automatically
  • ​Your Replies (Messsages) Sent Directly To Inbox of Advertisers Not to Junk Folder
  • ​Does Not Use Your Email Account or Server
  • ​More Effective Than Posting Classified Ads (People See Your Message)
  • Pay a Small One Time Fee and Get Almost Free Traffic Forever
  • No Ghosting of Ads!
  • Ability to Use Proxies
  • Super High Quality Traffic.
  • People See Your Message Then Copy And Paste Your Link in Their Browser. 

With Most Advertising The Traffic Stops When You Stop Paying. With Global Ad Reply Submitter You Pay Once and Get Traffic Forever.

With most advertising you pay then once you stop paying the traffic stops. Not with the Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertising Software!

Once you pay for the software you can have a lifetime license including all upgrades and can use it for months and years to come!

You only have to pay for the captcha service (we show you how to do this in the manual) which charges as of now costs $1.39 per 1000 captchas solved! 1000 targeted delivered messages for $1.39 is an absolutely fantastic deal. I challenge you to find targeted advertising for less.

We Were Really Hesitant to Release This Software Because it is So Powerful. However,We Have Decided to Release it For A Limited Time Only.


As always we offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee for the software. If you do not want the software within 30 days just contact us here and we will be glad to give you a refund.

We will be coming out with many different marketing software. If this one is not for you then maybe another one will be.

We value you as a long term customer.To order the software click the button below and you will be re-directed to our order form.You will get the download link and software within a few minutes automatically after ordering.

It will be sent to the email you used when you paid.Any issues or questions contact us here and we will make sure you get your download link and license key and/or answer your questions.Order now and in a few minutes you can start getting traffic!

Download Instantly Just $47.97 One Time Payment! Free Lifetime Updates.

Order now for immediate download. You will be immediately sent your software and license code to the email address you used to order. Just click the "Get Instant Access" button below.

​We may be raising the price back up to the normal price of $67.97. We can only guarantee this low price of $47.97 as of today.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Is Global Ad Reply For You?

With Global Ad Reply

  • Save hours of your precious time letting our software reply to ads on autopilot.
  • Have your message go directly to your prospect's most monitored inbox
  • Have your message go directly to your prospect's most monitored inbox
  • Get immediate results. Prospects see your ad immediately!
  • Promote different programs every day.
  • Promote Your Squeeze Pages, YouTube Channel and Social Media Channels. Whatever You Want!
  • Improve SEO of Your Website With More Real Traffic

Without Global Ad Reply

  • Waste countless hour manually responding to ads.
  • Waste time on questionable advertising techniques where you are never even sure if real people see your ad.
  • Keep paying over and over for expensive advertising methods.
  • Wait days or months for people to find your website on their own.
  • Miss out on one of the most effective direct advertising methods while your competition gets ahead.

Here's a "What You Get" Section (Plus the Second Call to Purchase)

  • Submits Up to 300 Ad Replies Per Session (Run Unlimited Sessions)
  • ​Your Replies (Messsages) Sent Directly To Inbox of Advertisers Not to Junk Folder
  • Pay a Small One Time Fee and Get Almost Free Traffic Forever
  • No Ghosting of Ads!
  • Super High Quality Traffic.
  • People See Your Message Then Copy And Paste Your Link in Their Browser.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If you no longer want the software contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a prompt refund.

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