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Classifiedads dot com is one of the highest traffic classified ad sites in the world. They have an Alexa ranking of about 5000 which means there are only 5000 out of millions of other websites that have more traffic than Classifiedads dot com.

This is a great site to post your classified ads they get thousands of viewers every day. The only problem is that posting classified ads is unbelievably time consuming and tedious!

Our software will post your ads on autopilot to every single city on Classified ads dot com. We are talking about every major city in the US and major English speaking international cities. ClassAdsCom Submitter will submit your ad to over 500 cities on one of the highest traffic websites in the world?

Here are some features of ClassAdsCom Submitter:

  • Ability to post to 500 major US and Worldwide Captital cities with just a few clicks!
  • Unlimited posting of your ads for free!
  • Unlimited posting of your ads for free!
  • Use Full Html in Your Ads to Make Beautiful Clickable Ads!
  • Ability to Spin Different Ads, Emails and Titles
  • Option to Use or Not to Use Proxies
  • No Need to Click Confirmation Links Software Posts Live Ads Immediately!

Imagine how much traffic you could get if you could post your ads every day with just a few clicks! No more tedious manual submissions.

Bonus! When You Order ClassAdsCom Submitter We Will Give You Our Ninja Guide on How to Get Your Ads to Go Live and Stick!

It is one thing to submit your ads but if all your ads get deleted all your submissions are in vain! We will give you our guide based on thousands of ad submissions which will show you how to get your ads to go live. 

Not only we will show you how to get your ads to go live but we will show you how to post your ads without spamming and staying within the terms of service of the site!

Our Guide Will Show You How to Post Hundreds of Ads Without Spamming All While Staying Within the TOS of The Site

Imagine being able to post unlimited ads every week, every month and every year for just a $27.97 one time payment!

Note! We will only be selling a limited number of licenses as we do not want too many people having this powerful software. Prices may go up at any time so we encourage you to take advantage of our introductory offer.
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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the software you get a 100% refund with zero problems. We want you to be happy with our software. We value our relationship with you more than just one sale.


(Note: this software requires Windows 7 or later and does not run on a Mac. However, you can run all our software 24/7 even if you have a Mac, XP or any other outdated Windows operating systems with your own Remote Windows VPS. See here to learn more. )