Backpage Easy Ad Submitter

Easy to use software posts your ads to hundreds of cities on Backpage with just a few clicks!

Get Massive FREE Traffic with this simple marketing tool!

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter Backpage Posting software is a simple easy to use software which submits your ad automatically to 500 cities on Backpage (All US Cities). 

This can save you hours of time compared to manually submitting your ads. Just fill in your email address, your ad title, your ad description and click run. The program then will post your ad in every US city on Backpage while you go do something else. 

Included with our software is our Ninja Classified Ad Marketing Guide which shows you how we are getting 1000’s of ads to go live on Backpage while staying completely within their terms of service! 

Here is what you get with Backpage Easy Ad Submitter:

  • Software Which Submits Your Ad to 500 Cities on Backpage Automatically
  • Easy 1 Click Submission. Set and Forget.
  • Optional Use of Proxies.
  • Use Spintax for Emails, Titles and Description.
  • Ability to Use Html in Ad Description to Create Clickable Images and Links
  • New! Automatically Solves New Image Captchas!
  • Clicks all the email confirmation links for you automatically!
  • Included is our Ninja Guide on How to Get Your Ads to Stick on Backpage.

Backpage is the 2nd highest traffic classified ad site after Craigslist. In fact Backpage is the 700th highest trafficked website in the world! Millions of visitors look through the ads on Backpage each day.

Backpage is the 2nd Highest Traffic Classified Ad Site In The World After Craigslist

If you are trying to promote your services, products and business placing free ads on Backpage is a great way to get more visitors and customers. 

The only problem is that is is extremely time consuming posting ads manually on Backpage. Most people end up giving up out of frustration.

Imagine 500 of Your Ads Going Live Per Day On One of The Busiest Websites in the World!

That is where Backpage Easy Ad Submitter Software comes in. Backpage Easy Ad Submitter will post your ads on autopilot to all 500 US cities on Backpage. Imagine how much traffic your website would get if every day you had 500 different ads running in ALL US cities on Backpage!

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter Will Post Your Ads on 500 US Cities Daily on Autopilot!

It would take you many hours to post these ads manually but Backpage Easy Ad Submitter does all the work for you. All you do is type in your email address, the title of your ad, and your ad description and click RUN.

The Backpage ad submitter starts submitting your ads to all the major cities on Backpage! Take a break have some coffee, or take a nap and let the software post your ads on autopilot to all the different cities in the United States on the 700th busiest website in the world! ALL for free! As much as you want!

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter Will Confirm All Your Confirmation Links In Your Email Inbox Automatically

When you post your ads to Backpage you will receive a confirmation email. You must click the confirmation link in each email if you want your ad to go live. Backpage Easy Ad Submitter will automatically confirm all these confirmations links for you automatically so that you do not have to waste hours clicking links!

Bonus! Get Our Ninja Guide on How to Get Your Ads to Stick!

We have posted thousands of ads on Backpage. We can show you our secret ninja techniques on getting your ads to go live. If you just go out and try to post lots of ads on Backpage it is very likely that they will just deleted your ads. 

We will show you how we are getting 90% plus our ads to go live on Backpage. We will even show you how to do so while staying 100% within the TOS of Backpage!

Our guide to getting your ads to go live is included with your purchase of Backpage Easy Ad Submitter! Right now it costs almost $2000. to have your ad to run on all 500 US cities on Backpage if purchase this package. 

With our software you can have your ads in all cities in the US running for free every month!

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter is an excellent investment because you can post ads every day getting you high quality free traffic for years!

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter just costs $47.97 one time charge. We will send you your copy of your software within 24 hours of you ordering. Full instructions are included as well as full support.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.”If you do not like the software for any reason just send us an email and we will refund your money back 100%!

Note! We are only going to sell a limited copies of this software as we do not want too many people to have this powerful tool.

Just imagine being able to auto post ads on one of the busiest sites in the world every day for years for just a one time $47.97

With most advertising you spend one time and the money is gone.This is advertising that you can use over and over for many different projects. This is truly a fantastic value!

Currently we offer the following versions of the software. Each version posts to a specific category or categories on Backpage.

New! Multi Category Version Posts To All The Categories Below. Just $47.97. One Time Fee!

  • Business Opportunities
  • Jobs Computers
  • Jobs Sales
  • Jobs Misc.
  • Jobs Customer Service
  • Services Legal
  • Services Creative
  • Real Estate Services
  • Health and Beauty Services
  • Dating Women Seeking Men
  • Dating Men Seeking Women
  • Dating Women Seeking Women
  • Dating Men Seeking Men
  • Buy Sell Trade Free
  • Buy Sell Trade Misc.
  • Buy Sell Trade Clothing Jewelry
  • Buy Sell Trade Boats and Motorcycles
  • Automotive Autos for Sale
  • Massage Therapeutic

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(Note: this software requires Windows 7 or later and does not run on a Mac. However, you can run all our software 24/7 even if you have a Mac, XP or any other outdated Windows operating systems with your own Remote Windows VPS. See here to learn more. )